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Nama:Kristen Wiig Impersonates Harry Styles on Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Publicado em 19 de fev de 2014

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Kristen Wiig poses as One Direction's Harry Styles on The Late night Show with Jimmy Fallon—and it's as amazing as it sounds. Directioners, welcome home, this is ClevverNews! Last night on Jimmy Fallon's new Tonight Show he teased us that Kristin Wiig was making an appearance, and then Harry Styles came out. Uhh, we're a bit confused. Kristin came out as an extremely convincing Harry doppelganger (awkward wave and hair touch included), but was a little mixed up on some key facts about HIS life- take a look.

It was pure improv gold as Kristin was seemingly unaware of the questions Jimmy would ask her about Harry and came up with her own original answers on the spot. Kristin AKA "Harry" wasn't clear on how One Direction started, saying they were signed by RCA after meeting at school. Um any Directioner knows they were put together on the X Factor UK show- duh. Harry also didn't know how One direction got its name, "We just want to like sing about positive things... and keep everything moving forward." Wrong again. My favorite part came during the Rapid Fire Question round, take a look.

The interview was so unpredictable, even Jimmy and Kristin couldn't keep straight faces. And it got better. Jimmy put Kristin up to the ultimate test of singing one of 1D's hits, and apparently she's never heard, "What Makes You Beautiful", so Jimmy had to help her out.

Nice try Kristen, not quite, but we can dig the remix. While Kristen may not have been a Directioner before, she hopefully learned some new trivia last night. The impersonation was priceless and even Harry Styles' mom, Mama Styles, was amused. She retweeted a link to the clip calling it "Brilliant!" Did you think it was Brilliant my lovely Directioners? Lady Gaga also performed on the show last night, and you can check that out right on over here. Thank you so much for checking in with ClevverNews every day, I'm Misty Kingma.

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